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"What music has done for me and for us, I want to give back to that.   Music has always been there for me. If you're getting through a tough situation music can be very cathartic, that's really what I'm drawn towards.  Music pulls me in, and that's how I write."  - Frank Calabrese of The Lemats

Local rockers, the Lemats join me on the show to share their latest EP "The Lemats: Live at the Saint". The quartet, known for their bluesy, folk, rock n' roll sound, discuss their origin story, the writing process, and the desire to give their listeners something to lean on.  Lead Singer, Frank even gives me some solid advice on how to write lyrics for an original song.  Keep it here for the tracks "Black Cloud" (Live) and "The Astronomer" (studio version) from the record.

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Scott Rescigno